Saturday, January 11, 2020

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9 empowering Halloween costumes for butt-kicking women 19, 2017
To make it more fun, toss in some bright pink tights, a Victorian blouse and the ... Then pair it with some NASA patches, oversized pearls, red lipstick and retro red heels. ... Take on any Halloween gathering with this amazing Beyoncé costume, ...

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Review: My Cousin Rachel is a quick, fancy, period-set thrill

The Globe and Mail-Jun. 8, 2017
What it is, is a refined and rainy-day spinner into a privileged Victorian world of pearls, walnut panelling and and peculiar (possibly poison) tea. What it is, is an ...
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This Morning viewers mock couple who claim 'haunted ...

The Sun-Jul. 24, 2017
... This Morning after claiming a creepy Victorian doll had attacked the husband ... Debbie explained how the "tight" pearl necklace around the doll's neck came ...

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