Saturday, January 11, 2020

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The Best Beauty Trends From NYFW Fall 2017 13, 2017
"I thought, you know,what would be the one hairdo a young girl could wear that she's still a bit .... It was all about a sweet, Victorian innocence backstage at Altuzarra. ... Look closer—a tiny pearl was glued to the inside corner of each eye.
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The Duchess of Cambridge channels Jackie Kennedy in Gucci 29, 2017
His luxe, vintage bohemian aesthetic proved catnip to fashion lovers who have ... pearl earrings which co-ordinated perfectly with the dress's GG pearl buttons.
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From New York to Spain: where to shop when you're on holiday 22, 2017
Seek out velvet gondola slippers at Gianni Dittura, and coral and pearl-drop earrings ... Pop in to try on shoes and jackets at Uterqüe, a Telegraph fashion team ...
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What to wear for a stylish night at the opera 2, 2017
''But that was the fashion of the time,'' she continues, ''it's much less strict now.'' .... Alexa dress, £347.39, Masscob; Geometric pearl earrings, £12.99, Mango; ...

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