Monday, January 13, 2020

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What 36 Celebrities Wore to Court 29, 2016
Why: What else would you wear to give evidence to the Leveson Inquiry about how the paparazzi were ruining your life? ... What: Pearls and a dark dress ... What: A high-necked Victorian blouse and the grown-out result of her troubles in 2007 ...
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Pretty in Pink! Zendaya pairs delicate pink dress with black ...

Daily Mail-Mar. 12, 2016
There's no use in speculating what Zendaya will wear next. She can seamlessly switch from menswear suiting one minute to flirty separates another to pieces ...
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Botticelli Reimagined review – Venus in the gutter, more ...

The Guardian-May 11, 2016
Sexual fantasies blossom darkly as Victorian symbolists portray naked women ... and profanity and holiness in all of us, diving for pearls in an ocean of trash.

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