Monday, January 13, 2020

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Important Jewels — from £3000 to £350000

Christie's-Nov. 23, 2016
Fashion magazines of the period featured stylish women wearing fur coats ... Featuring polished sapphire beads interspersed with pearls and diamonds, this ...
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Airbnb rules rip neighbors apart

The Courier-Journal-Apr. 23, 2016
Liter said she expected noise when she moved into a three-story Victorian home in Old Louisville, but a vacation spot next door was not part of the historic ...
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10 of the most important catwalk shows from Paris Fashion ... 9, 2016
The collection was a bold eclectic mix of 70s, 80s and Victorian, with a Japanese influence. ... Gloves, oversized pearls and amusing hats featured heavily.

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