Wednesday, January 8, 2020

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The Future of Fashion Is a Rented Dress

Bloomberg-Mar. 15, 2019
clothing rental service can solve a lot of the tough problems mid-market retailers face ... In an era when fashion trends change in a nanosecond and people ...
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E-commerce startup Zilingo raises $226M to digitize Asia's ...

TechCrunch-Feb. 11, 2019
Zilingo also widened its target from the long tail of small vendors operating in Southeast Asia, to bigger merchants and brands and even to the fashion industry in ...
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Japan's apparel market – Key selling and sourcing trends 23, 2019
Based on the latest market and trade data, including the re:source by just-style strategic sourcing tool, this in-depth analysis of the Japanese apparel market and ...
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MedMen Taps Fashion Veterans for Key Hires

WWD-Aug. 2, 2019
The great migration from fashion to cannabis continues. ... and Christian, that will lead the development of best practices for MedMen and the cannabis industry.

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