Wednesday, January 8, 2020

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Sustainability Is the Most Pressing Issue Facing Fashion—And ... 18, 2019
I have friends in the fashion industry who will gladly spend $17 on a glass of wine, or $75 on a single dinner, but scoff at a $250 organic silk dress they'd keep for ...
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Look in your closet if you want to take action on climate ... 7, 2019
Look in your closet if you want to take action on climate change, fashion ... in 2007 to advance sustainability in the fashion industry through education, ...
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Knitting Industry

Apparel and textile industry conference focuses on global ... 13, 2019
Apparel Textile Sourcing Canada covers such topics as customs, imports and exports, investment opportunities, and industry trends and forecasts ...
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Time to make fast fashion a problem for its makers, not charities

Phys.Org-Sep. 2, 2019
At last week's G7 summit, French president and host Emmanuel Macron announced a fashion industry pact with 150 brands promising to reduce environmental ...

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