Sunday, January 12, 2020

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The Duchess of Cambridge channels Jacqueline Kennedy ... 11, 2016
... of the house that bears her name,” explains The Telegraph Fashion Director Lisa Armstrong of Walker's ... Naturally, Kate was wearing her own pearl earrings.
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The 6000-Year History of Blue Pigments in Art

Artsy-Nov. 29, 2016
A natural dye rather than a pigment for painting, indigo was used to color fabrics, clothing, yarns, and luxurious tapestries. Unlike lapis lazuli, whose rarity drove ...
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What Happens When You Submerge A Dress In The Dead ...

Refinery29-Aug. 25, 2016
Have you ever thought about submerging a gothic, Victorian-era dress in the Dead Sea for, oh, several months and checking on it periodically, just because?
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Top 10 Shows of Paris Fashion Week Fall 2016-2017

VERVE-Mar. 10, 2016
Everything about Chanel's fall 2016 show has Lagerfeld taking the fashion ... Strings of pearls, hats, tweed suits tailored for women, white layered-ruffles and a ... Lots of patent leather, oversized, manly tweed coats, ruffled Victorian collars, ...

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