Sunday, January 12, 2020

Story image for Victorian Fashion, pearl from Brit + Co

20 Non-Traditional Garnet Engagement Rings That Are ...

Brit + Co-Jan. 9, 2016
Inspired by the original ring Princess Diana put in the pages of fashion ... this vintage ring brings together all the elegance and grandeur of the Victorian era.
Story image for Victorian Fashion, pearl from International Business Times

Queen Elizabeth II Honors Her Dressmaker Stewart Parvin ...

International Business Times-Mar. 3, 2016
Queen Elizabeth II honored her royal dressmaker with the Royal Victorian ... The queen who is known as one of the most popular fashion icons in the ... She accessorized her outfit with small pearl stud earrings and a two-string pearl necklace.
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Go Ahead, Buy It. Joan Rivers Would Want You To Have It.

Tablet Magazine-May 20, 2016
Joan being Joan, ever attuned to fashion, the items are all wearable. There are delicate Victorian-era enameled flower brooches studded with cultured pearls or ...
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Top 10 Fall 2016 Fashion Trends Straight From the Runway

The Fashion Spot-Mar. 10, 2016
After a never-ending marathon of presentations and shows, Fashion Week officially came to a close. On runways across the globe, designers embraced a ...

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