Saturday, January 11, 2020

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The 6 British bag designers you need to know now 28, 2016
British fashion brand Mother of Pearl (above) has recently started making totes, ... possess all the sporty functionality and appealing design of its ready-to-wear.
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Milan Fashion Week: Lauren Hutton does Bottega Veneta 25, 2016
Shapes varied from halter dresses with full skirts and Victorian ruffles at the neck to ... A series of body-hugging skirts and dresses in ivory that featured pearl ...
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Augusten Burroughs's Love Affair With Jewelry

New York Times-Dec. 5, 2016
And I'll only purchase pre-Mikimoto pearls. ... pieces that exude mysticism; midcentury men's rings with large stones; Victorian-era turquoise. ... and being able to carry around or wear something beautiful and perfect is somehow reassuring.
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Feminism: featuring Victorian era to present day

Los Angeles Times-Feb. 26, 2016
Starting from the Victorian era through the 20th century, feminist movements played ... The Victorian dress reform movement surfaced as women desired clothing ...

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