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The 10 Most Exquisite Lockets to Buy Now (Because the ... 20, 2016
These charms have worked their charms at least since medieval times, with enthusiasm growing to a near frenzy during the Victorian era, when women were ...
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The Best Kind of Treasure Hunt: All You Need to Know About ...

Observer-Dec. 15, 2016
From Marni's oversized pearl drop earrings to Etro's charm bracelets and ... “The Victorian era lasted 64 years and encompassed a number of different styles ... “Antique markets are a wonderful source for costume or fun vintage pieces, but the ...
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Tory Burch cheers and charms with 'Old prep meets bohemian ... 13, 2016
The theme was core Burch – a meeting of East and West Coast fashion. ... flat white sneakers and oversize pearl earrings, as well as billowing 'hostess' maxi ...
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Dries Van Noten brings an eclectic decadence to Paris ... 2, 2016
Dries Van Noten brings an eclectic decadence to Paris Fashion Week AW16 ... pearls woven into lattice string vests, prep school striped pyjamas as well as ...

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