Saturday, January 25, 2020

Story image for wedding dress from Fashionista (blog)

The 10 Biggest Bridal Trends for Spring 2017

Fashionista (blog)-Apr. 19, 2016
But that works out for brides-to-be on a planning jag — and those of us who love clicking through galleries of pretty wedding dresses — by divulging all the ...
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Can You Wear Red To A Wedding? Here's What You Need To ...

Bustle-Apr. 13, 2016
So you've been invited to a wedding and you're stressing out about how to get to the venue, what to gift the happy couple, and most importantly, what to wear.
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Watch Vanderpump Rules' Katie Shop for Her Wedding Dress

Glamour-Mar. 14, 2016
If your uncontrollable leisure-time addictions include Vanderpump Rules and/or Say Yes to the Dress, hold on to your crop-top wedding dress, because we just ...
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Size 28 mother who had to tuck her saggy skin into her ...

Daily Mail-Aug. 19, 2016
A size 28 mother whose dramatic weight loss left her with saggy skin that she had to tuck into her wedding dress on her big day has renewed her vows after ...

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