Saturday, January 25, 2020

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49 Gorgeous Wedding Dresses You've Never Seen Before

Glamour-Nov. 18, 2016
Wedding dresses, it's almost your time to shine: Just after engagement season—the weeks from Thanksgiving through Valentine's Day, when your Facebook ...
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Toddler wears late mom's wedding dress in emotional photo ... 10, 2016
According to friend and photographer Heidi Spillane, it was mom Amber Davis' idea to style her four-year-old daughter in her wedding dress. Nora wore the ...
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9 Ways to Turn Your Wedding Gown Into a Gorgeous Cocktail ... 21, 2016
Most women's wedding dresses are worn for one glorious day — and then never again. But what if you took your beloved dress and turned it into something you ...
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My Mom Wanted Grace Kelly. I Wanted a Lime Green Neon Veil. 9, 2016
I wanted my wedding dress to convey that this marriage would be, among many other things, carnal. I wanted it to scream, I'm alive! I love life and this man!

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