Wednesday, January 8, 2020

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New York Fashion Week: How Philipp Plein became the ...

BBC News-Feb. 10, 2018
Plein is noticeably candid when discussing the strange politics and quirks of the industry ahead of his New York Fashion Week show on Saturday evening.
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Fashion Industry Trade Groups Join Trump Tariff Opposition

The Business of Fashion-Mar. 22, 2018
WASHINGTON, United States — The US apparel and footwear industry on Tuesday joined the growing list of opponents in corporate America to the sweeping ...
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New program tailor-made for future leaders in fashion business

The Globe and Mail-Mar. 27, 2018
According to the online data portal Statistica, the market value of the fashion retail industry alone in Canada in 2017 was $31.4-billion, and it's expected to climb ...
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Unpaid Internships May Be Legal but Are They Doing Fashion ... 7, 2018
Unpaid Internships May Be Legal but Are They Doing Fashion a Disservice? ... Karan, and put the unpaid fashion industry internship in a precarious position.

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