Saturday, January 11, 2020

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Livingetc Discovers: Mother Of Pearl 1, 2019
As creative director of Mother of Pearl, Amy Powney has married Dutch-style florals with a hint of ... HOW DID YOUR CAREER IN FASHION BEGIN? ... It's a Victorian house but I'm obsessed with Georgian proportions so I've cheated with tall, ...
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Have You Been Doing Beach Jewelry Wrong All Summer? 21, 2019
“I normally wear an all gold or a pearl or coral piece. ... Years ago, we had a situation with a Victorian pools of light necklace—under the sun, the rock crystal ...
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Beyoncé Goes Monochromatic in a Daringly Low-Cut Dress ...

Footwear News-Jan. 27, 2019
Her look consisted of a red velvet blazer-style minidress that was adorned with small white pearls and finished with a deep V-cut neckline that showed off more ...
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Butterflies, pearls and peonies: Vaginas in art

Deutsche Welle-Nov. 15, 2019
Some of the earliest representations of vaginas can be found in Venus figurines, named after the Roman goddess of love, desire and fertility. One of around 100 ...

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