Wednesday, January 8, 2020

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How plastic bottles that get turned into textiles are ...

Fast Company-Feb. 14, 2019
How plastic bottles that get turned into textiles are transforming the fashion ... in the fashion industry who has begun integrating recycled plastic bottles into her ...
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Sustainability, while fashionable, is a challenge for the industry 15, 2019
According to the annual “Pulse of the Fashion Industry” report, while progress is being made in environmental sustainability, the rate of improvement has slowed ...
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Revealed: Lady Gaga's New Beauty Line

The Business of Fashion-Jul. 9, 2019
Lady Gaga assembled a team of 15, ranging from beauty industry veterans to a former executive at Zynga, the mobile gaming company behind Farmville, ...
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Entrepreneur Rachel Zoe: This is the hardest time in fashion I ...

Yahoo Canada Finance-Nov. 10, 2019
Rachel Zoe has built up her brand in the fashion world for the last two decades, ebbing and flowing with the fickle nature of the industry. While Zoe has been ...

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