Monday, January 13, 2020

Story image for Victorian Fashion, pearl from Irish Independent

Here's how you can score Stephanie's sizzling style

Irish Independent-Jan. 14, 2015
Decorated with pearl beads and sparkly gems, it also has a satin lining. ... touch at turning a dress surface into a wondrous, wearable 3D fashion experience. ... the marriages of hand-dyed silk linings and Victorian trimmings, vintage ribbons, ...

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Miss Universe Australia: Our Victorian hopefuls try their luck

Herald Sun-May 5, 2015
The ladies — Sarah McLeod, Jessica Pearl, Tarrah Burns, Amelia Dunn, Nasi Wan, Lydia Honan, Stephanie Bogovic and Jayne Duff — are from all parts of ...
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10 of Julie Andrews's Most Iconic Fashion Moments in Honor ...

InStyle-Oct. 1, 2015
But, we can't fail to mention the many equally memorable fashion moments from ... and the somewhat quirky, Victorian-inspired wardrobe choices in Mary Poppins, ... complete with fur accents and strings of pearls, was the epitome of chicness.
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Why Emma Roberts Went Photoshop-Free For Aerie

Refinery29-Jul. 9, 2015
"And it's not as deep as that, but try to find a piece of clothing or jewelry that's significant to you. My aunt gave me a vintage Victorian wedding ring that I wear on ...

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