Saturday, January 11, 2020

Story image for Victorian Fashion, pearl from Jakarta Globe

Fashion Designer Yenty Tan Influenced by Belle Époque ...

Jakarta Globe-Sep. 29, 2017
Indonesian fashion designer Yenty Tan said this period influenced her fall/winter ... and tulle and adorned with intricate embroideries, pearls and crystal appliqués. ... Inspired by the golden era, most of Yenty's dresses have Victorian collars, ...
Story image for Victorian Fashion, pearl from Gainesville Sun

Looking good: Fashion, inspired by the joy of the dance

Gainesville Sun-Oct. 6, 2017
But ballet-inspired fashion collections are nothing new; they are a recurring ... Freshwater pearl earrings ($35, Banana Republic) complement the intricate lace .... craftsmanship of a Victorian garment one could imagine on the protagonist of a ..

Story image for Victorian Fashion, pearl from Financial Times

Jason Basmajian of Cerruti 1881 on fashioning a style of one's ...

Financial Times-Jan. 15, 2017
This “macro trend” is being seen everywhere from fashion to fitness, he adds, and ... fell in love with this peacock design, based on a Victorian-era turban pin. ... A pair of Hannah Martin cufflinks in black pearl and rose gold are “seemingly ...
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10 Edgy Pieces for a Fashionable Fall 31, 2017
... and this new Victorian-esque version with dramatic ribbon and deep velvet is ready ... Make two-toned denim your go-to for "I have nothing to wear" days. ... tailored separates with feminine features, like pearl accents and flared silhouettes.

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