Saturday, January 11, 2020

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Fashion Designer Prabal Gurung Explains How He Finds ...

Thrive Global-Nov. 15, 2019
I continued on to another fantastic memory of a recent trip to the Tasaki pearl farm in ... It is a Victorian corset through a modern lens, a chiffon dress that billows, ...
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London Fashion Week: Exquisite Simone Rocha display puts ...

Irish Times-Sep. 15, 2019
London Fashion Week: Exquisite Simone Rocha display puts Irish stars on catwalk ... a restored Victorian building overlooking London that was originally opened ... the feminine spirit, the jewelled hairbands, the chandelier earrings, the pearl ...
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Kate Middleton Wears the Lover's Knot Tiara to State Banquet ... 3, 2019
... is also wearing her Dame Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order (GCVO), ... The stunning tiara features diamonds and 19 hanging pearls set in silver and ...

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