Monday, January 13, 2020

Story image for Victorian Fashion, pearl from Irish Times

DNA origami puts a smile on researchers' faces

Irish Times-Aug. 31, 2016
The DNA strands are like strings of pearls, threaded one after another on to twine. There are four different types of pearls in DNA, usually called A, T, C and G ...
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Our Favorite Portland Mediterranean Restaurants, From Spain ...

Willamette Week-Oct. 28, 2016
An immaculate, expansive Victorian smack dab on the middle of the busiest ... The Pearl District restaurant that bears Tony Karam's name is Karam-less—but ...

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Grand Cocktails for the Grand Final

Broadsheet-Sep. 27, 2016
Chris Hysted, World Class ambassador and bartender at the Black Pearl, says ... As a Victorian, he naturally has the AFL in mind, but his plan can be adapted to ...
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The 11 Best Wedding Dresses for Fall 2017

Fashionista (blog)-Oct. 12, 2016
After an intense strategy session phone call with the fashion veteran, we .... of lace, flouncy ruffles and even pearls into a fresh and modern look with ribbon trim, ... (P.S.: Also into the lace Victorian neckline gown photobombing in the back.) ...

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