Monday, January 13, 2020

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17 Vintage Engagement Rings You'll Swoon Over

Brit + Co-Jan. 20, 2016
... this ring's natural baroque pearl has an unmistakably antique beauty that makes it stand out ... Victorian Emerald and Diamond Engagement Ring ($2,500): This emerald and .... Plus, the crown motif adds an extra layer of old-fashion beauty.
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These Five Women are Challenging the Way We Look and ... 7, 2016
... vaguely Victorian chokers made from intertwined pearls and human hair. ... on the ethical luxury fashion website Maison de Mode).

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Michelle Obama wears a Gucci dress to appear on The Ellen ... 14, 2016
... the artefact inspired what The Telegraph's fashion director Lisa Armstrong ... more staid skirt suits and pearls to see here- her clothes have always come with a ...
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Emancipated wenches in gaudy jewellery: the liberating bling ...

The Conversation AU-Jun. 13, 2016
... colourful but calamitous theatrical tour of the Victorian goldfields in 1855-56. .... Her hair tied up in a knot and “fixed with a huge gold pin with a father-o'-pearl head”. ... It was not only the miners who wanted to wear their pride in their freshly ...

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