Saturday, January 11, 2020

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BRB, Here's Everything We Want to Snag from Alexa Chung's ...

Brit + Co-Jun. 20, 2017
... say we've been anxiously awaiting the launch of Alexa Chung's debut fashion line since last summer. .... (Yes, those are indeed inset pearls.) ... before going all in with a ruffled Victorian-inspired blouse and backless mules come after-hours.
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Trend Test: The Cocktail Hat 27, 2017
From Erdem's hand-moulded black panamas (created by master milliner Noel Stewart and paired with romantic Victorian gowns) to Ralph Lauren's gigantic ...
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In Venice, Milan, and Norfolk, Hamish Bowles Investigates Art ... 25, 2017
Stung by criticism about the estate's twee Victorian gardens in the ... who, in her ropes of real pearls and soft cashmere, made a very convincing chatelaine.

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