Saturday, January 11, 2020

Story image for Victorian Fashion, pearl from Reader's Digest

13 Offbeat, New Baby Names That Are About to Be Everywhere

Reader's Digest-May 6, 2017
Singer and fashion designer Jessica Simpson picked a winner when she gave ... her baby girl after this dark precious mineral used in Victorian mourning jewelry. ... especially jewels (think Ruby, Amber, and Pearl) and intriguing O names like ...
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Royal Indian treasures return to Scotland

The Scotsman-Dec. 6, 2017
... in 1879, bringing the riches of the Indian subcontinent to Victorian Scotland. ... decorated with hanging pearls which opens to reveal a perfume holder, and a ...
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See The 27 Most Epic Celebrity Wedding Dresses of All Time

Bravo (blog)-Apr. 6, 2017
Some call fashion editor Giovanna Battaglia's wedding “the most over the top of all time. ... Lauren Bush's father-in-law Ralph Lauren whipped up a modern Victorian ... which was covered with 11 pounds of sequins and six pounds of pearls.
Story image for Victorian Fashion, pearl from The Indian Express

Malaika Arora AGAIN shows us age is just a number with ...

The Indian Express-Oct. 16, 2017
That Malaika Arora is the high-priestess of fitness and fashion is indisputable, but ... with pearl and emerald studded danglers from Renu Oberoi luxury jewellery, ...

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