Saturday, January 11, 2020

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Beyoncé's Stylist Is Giving Barbie A High-Fashion Makeover

Refinery29-Apr. 14, 2017
I had to wear a uniform my whole life, which was a nightmare for somebody ... Senofonte created a collection of remixed denim, Victorian looks reminiscent of ...
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Kendall Jenner channels Marilyn Monroe for LOVE Magazine 27, 2017
She also wears lingerie by La Perla and Chanel pearl necklaces, in a modern ... show) she offered Kendall an opportunity to be seen as a fashion industry star.
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Sparkle and shine

The Globe and Mail-Nov. 23, 2017
Right now, fashion is bright dress-up every single day, not just for special ... A year ago loafers with pearl-studded heels seemed outré. ... and Victorian-inspired pieces that can be converted and worn as hair combs, brooches and earrings.
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Lyell, the Beloved New York Brand of the Aughts, Is Back 21, 2017
Some of them are well over a decade old and I still wear them. ... details (a keyhole neckline here, mother-of-pearl buttons tracing a shoulder line there), ... continued to pursue her Victorian-by-way-of-the-late-'70s aesthetic, Fletcher is reviving ...

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