Wednesday, January 8, 2020

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Australia's fashion industry lagging behind in diversity, top ...

ABC Local-May 17, 2018
Top models from diverse backgrounds say they find it hard to get work in Australia, as they use Sydney's Fashion Week to call for more inclusivity in the local ...
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Models Create a Program to Stop Sexual Harassment In the ... 17, 2018
At the Copenhagen Fashion Summit in Denmark on Wednesday, 100 models ... Respect program, which aims to end sexual harassment in the fashion industry.
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Italy's Missoni survives 65 years in fashion as a family affair

The Guardian-Sep. 22, 2018
Over the past decade, the consolidation of power in the fashion industry in the hands of luxury firms such as LVMH and Kering has made it increasingly difficult ...
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Balmain: The 3D digital models taking the fashion industry by ...

BBC News-Sep. 5, 2018
Balmain has used computer-generated 3D models in its latest fashion campaign. Among them is Shudu, who has been dubbed the world's first digital ...

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