Saturday, January 11, 2020

Story image for Victorian Fashion, pearl from The Times

Anna Murphy: who knew track pants could be so glamorous?

The Times-Aug. 20, 2019
... Marchioness of Bute, who lives in a Victorian gothic mansion on the Scottish island ... I wanted something to chuck on and go, something I could wear to the park, ... Posh pearls have gone street recently, reincarnated on hoops so as to look ...
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High jewellery chokers speak to strong women

The Jewellery Editor-Aug. 6, 2019
During the Victorian era, royalty developed a fondness for bejewelled ... Her love of chokers set with precious stones and pearls, which rose high up the neck ... chokers have made the leap from high fashion to high jewellery with elegant ease.
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Emmy Awards 2019 Red Carpet Arrivals

Variety-Sep. 22, 2019
Television's biggest night was chalk-full of stand-out fashion moments. ..... Gardner's floral dress is complemented by white hair pearls and a distinctive pink handbag. ... Vera Farmiga nods to the Victorian era with elevated shoulders on her ...
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The Jewels You'll Want To Wear For The Holidays 2019

Forbes-Dec. 3, 2019
Fernando Jorge Mother of Pearl and diamond 'Surround Satellite' Earrings sit on ... chain is reminiscent of antique cresent moon designs from the Victorian era.

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Pearl Necklace said...

The General principles of the semantic logical structure

Usually the logical structure of the sentence, as we have said, represent the following formula: (S is P), i.e. the subject, predicate and copula. The subject becomes in the first place (although not necessarily), or allocated to any key word.

In order to build a new object and, thereby, to obtain new knowledge, i.e. the concept that solves the problem, you need to build a certain sequence of subjects and their characteristics, where, as we have said just above, each subsequent subject is a sign of a previous subbproject. This principle is based the text, i.e. as a succession of shifts of subject and predicate, the predicate as a subject, etc. And this situation, as well as a number of others, for our further reasoning is fundamental.

In symbolic writing logical structure of the sentence can be represented in this form:
If (S is P) then (P is Q).

In the logical semantic structure of the sentence we are more interested in the predicate, or characteristic of the subject. By itself, the subject we are interested only from the point of view that it contains we are interested in the sign and that other signs or elements do not interfere with the use for our purposes, we are interested in the item. Therefore, the logical semantic structure of a sentence would be more correct to write so:

If P is a sign of s, then P q is a sign.

It turns out that different objects (s and q) have the same elements (P).

And this is fundamentally important, because according to our point of view, can interact with only those edge objects that have a single ponthe boundary area, i.e. contain the same eethe cops. In traditional logic, this is called intersecting volumes of concepts. From our point of view do not intersect the volume of concepts, namely those that are the same in essence elements. Thanks to these elements, there is a transition of the same elements from one subject to another subject, and because of this, the interaction of subjects.