Saturday, January 11, 2020

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A Whirlwind Two Days in London Celebrating Cartier's New ... 5, 2019
Suddenly a town crier in a Victorian costume rings a bell to announce that it's time ... who is wearing a hat that might have been donned by a chic Minnie Pearl.
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What's Your Sign? Karen Elson on Her New Birthstone ... 18, 2019
... surrounded by things from the Victorian era; they had something to embellish everything,” says ... At one time, only royalty could wear the gem. ... Pearl (June)
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Slip into these chic fashions from the past - and their ... 16, 2019
The first real fashion shows were organized during this time period in Paris by ... wore frocks that lay flat over the body – the antithesis of the Victorian hourglass. ... them to the cloche hat, the black dress and ropes of pearls (costume or real).
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Bows, ropes and Comic Sans: style trends for spring/summer ...

The Guardian-Feb. 15, 2019
Read more from the spring/summer 2019 edition of The Fashion, our ... for SS19 – without the pearls, proving their appeal lies not in twee costume party .... tapping into the bow's association with femininity dating back to the Victorian era.

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