Saturday, January 11, 2020

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All of the Looks We Want to Wear from Milan Street Style 24, 2019
All the fancy designers are coming out of Milan, and the ladies are happy to dress to the nines in the latest Attico, Gucci, Prada, and more. See the ladies ...
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Why Won't Anyone Buy the Most Famous Wedding Chapel in ...

The New York Times (blog)-Oct. 12, 2019
... converted into a wedding complex, complete with a wig-filled costume shop, ... a renewal ceremony for six couples at once, the hazards of putting pearl pins in ...
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Column: America's oldest ballpark still making memories

Associated Press-May 30, 2019
“But I'm very into historical fashion, especially the Victorian and Edwardian era. ... while adorned in a strand of pearls and a large, swooping hat that would've fit ...
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Perfect Little Black Dress You Were Looking For

The Trend Spotter-Apr. 17, 2019
You can choose to wear solid black or add a little spice by wearing something ... Whether you prefer long, flowing sleeves or a Victorian-inspired puff shoulder, ... Keep things simple in terms of accessories: pearls and neutrals look best when ...

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