Saturday, January 11, 2020

Story image for Victorian Fashion, pearl from Jezebel

All the Fancy-Ass Fashion On the 77th Golden Globes Red ...

Jezebel-Jan. 5, 2020
... across networks: Jeannie Mai in warrior pearls, Sibley Scoles in jammy pinstripes. ... Bel Powley strikes a truly impressive balance between Victorian cleave and .... Okay, I'm sort of back in the “It's fine to wear black on the red carpet” camp, ...
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Vintage Masterpieces Take Jewelry Wows to a Whole New ...

PaperCity Magazine-Dec. 16, 2019
... ruby, pearls and diamonds from 1950 or a vintage Chanel 18K yellow gold and ... Tenenbaum's Victorian 18K yellow gold micromosaic jewelry suite depicting ...
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A Grown-Up Look At Why Millennials Are Dressing Like Children

Refinery29-May 8, 2019
It wasn't just pink, though, which signalled an electrifying new current of femininity in fashion. A new school of designers including Shrimps strengthened an ...
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10 Best Men's Fashion Week Shows For Spring/Summer 2020

Hong Kong Tatler-Jun. 27, 2019
A collaboration with the mastermind behind Suspiria, Luca Guadagnino, creates the atmosphere of a beautiful Victorian garden, expressed through "Botanics of ...

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