Saturday, January 11, 2020

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10 Cuff Bracelets To Enhance Any Basic Sweater

W Magazine-Feb. 18, 2017
As new fashion fills your Instagram feed straight from the runways, now is the time to invest ... Fox and Bond, Victorian gold and pearl bracelet with fringe, $3000, ...
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Why it's time to adopt a 'jewellery uniform' for the office 22, 2017
Christine Lagarde loves her pearls, Hillary Clinton sticks to large stud earrings, and Amal Clooney wears small drop diamonds for work engagements.
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pearl necklace has TWO shocking meanings: Secret sex ... 27, 2017
A symbol of the clitoris, Victorian ladies regularly wore pearls in their décolletage as part of their evening dress, which was regularly cut outrageously low to just ...
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Sarah Waters: 'The Handmaiden turns pornography into a ...

The Guardian-Apr. 8, 2017
Waters' hit novel Fingersmith, about a lesbian love affair in Victorian England, has ..... Nowhere is this correspondence more powerful than in the pivotal “pearl” ...

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