Monday, February 3, 2020

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An Update To The Puka Shell Necklace Is Here, Thanks To ...

Refinery29-Jan. 17, 2017
That's right, because if one shell necklace revival in the span of a couple months ... But one thing's for sure: we're just glad the latest trend in neck jewelry doesn't ...
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"Heartilage" Piercings Is The Trend We Never Knew We Wanted

Refinery29-Mar. 2, 2017
That is, it's one that uses two holes for one piece of jewelry. Perhaps it's the legwork required that has hindered the trend: It requires exact piercing placement to ...
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Everything About American Horror Story Is Traumatizing ...

POPSUGAR-Sep. 8, 2017
After some digging, I found it: the Lapis Inlay Heart Pendant Necklace in Yellow Gold. It's one of several similar pieces from fine-jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer.
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Jeweller's Hits & Misses 2017

Jeweller Magazine-Dec. 15, 2017
... it's hard not to go past vagina charm jewellery, which is available on Amazon. Japanese company BoDivas is pioneering the trend “for that special someone in ...

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