Saturday, January 11, 2020

Story image for Victorian Fashion, pearl from Hollywood Reporter

Where to Shop, Eat and Play During London Fashion Week

Hollywood Reporter-Sep. 17, 2016
The second — and shortest — of the four major fashion weeks kicked off in ... including designers Anya Hindmarch and Mother of Pearl's Amy Powney, .... and fashion shop, which regularly updates its elaborate, often Victorian-inspired decor.
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The Queen of pearls: Of all the dazzling jewellery she owns, a ...

Daily Mail-Jun. 11, 2016
Pearls were the Queen's first 'serious' piece of jewellery. ... These were worn by the Queen Mother until Elizabeth II acceded the throne, when she began to wear ... of them Georgian or early Victorian, that would have dominated anyone else.
Story image for Victorian Fashion, pearl from The Jewellery Editor (blog)

A history of brooches: the evolution of style

The Jewellery Editor (blog)-Oct. 9, 2016
... or scattered over all styles of jackets, brooches are back on the fashion scene. ... on ivory, and often incorporated hair and seed pearls (representative of tears). ... The love brooches of the late Victorian aesthetic period were crafted from ...

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