Thursday, January 23, 2020

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What To Do When Your Mom Doesn't Like Your Wedding Dress 21, 2017
Lots of brides have arguments with their mothers during the wedding planning process, but it seems as though disagreements about the wedding gown are ...
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Why Is Demi Lovato Wearing A Wedding Dress?

Refinery29-Nov. 23, 2017
Ever wonder what Demi Lovato will look like if she gets married and does the big wedding, complete with designer gown, veil, jewels, and picturesque outdoor ...
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The True Story of Queen Elizabeth's Wedding Dress 8, 2017
When Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip married in November of 1947, the wedding served as an escape from post-WWII austerity in the UK. Two years after ...
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Meet the Anti-Bridezilla Wedding Dress Designer 13, 2017
If I were to get married, I like to think I'd be a nontraditional bride. When it happens, I want to get the job done and sign on the dotted line. The dress, in a way, ...

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