Tuesday, January 14, 2020

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What the Fashion Industry Should Learn from 'Je Suis Charlie'

Racked-Jan. 13, 2015
Fashion is not Charlie. Runway shows may celebrate aesthetic expression, physical freedom, evolving standards of beauty, or even gender fluidity, but few take ...
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TECHNOLOGY: 3D printing gears up for fashion industry ...

just-style.com-Apr. 16, 2015
The organiser of a 3D print fashion show in New York has told just-style there will be major changes in fashion industry supply chain because of this new ...
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Charged Up: How mophie Got Plugged Into the Fashion Industry

Complex-Sep. 17, 2015
The intersection between fashion and technology is still in beta. Google Glass never took off as much as people thought it would, most activity trackers still look ...

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