Saturday, January 11, 2020

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Well-Dressed In Victorian Albany: Nineteenth Century Fashion ...

Antiques and the Arts Online-Apr. 24, 2018
In five large galleries, “Well-Dressed in Victorian Albany” showcases an ... purchased a showstopping coral-pink silk ball gown trimmed with beads and pearls.
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Most impressive royal jewels

Wonderwall-Apr. 19, 2019
The Four Row Japanese Pearl Choker is a show-stopping piece that was given to .... Princess Anne before allowing her future granddaughter-in-law to wear the tiara on ... presented her with a stunning Victorian-era earrings and necklace set.
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Bride in a bustle! Woman has spent tens of thousands creating ...

Daily Mail-Nov. 27, 2019
Speaking of her nuptials, she added: 'I'll definitely wear a Victorian dress to marry .... Madeleine, pictured in a luxurious pink and white lace gown with a pearl ...
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€17000 for a jug? It has to be Limerick silver

Irish Times-Oct. 26, 2018
... coins and banknotes, clocks, vintage fashion and accessories – you name it, ... A Victorian pearl and turquoise six-pointed star, which can be worn as a ... diamonds to each shoulder, €8,500, and a Victorian silver-gilt Celtic brooch, €1,250.

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