Tuesday, January 14, 2020

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The Original Rebels of Fashion: 8 Designers Who Shaped the ...

Glamour-Sep. 7, 2014
Long before modern-day fashion icons such as Rihanna (lest we forget her stunning, transparent CFDA dress), Lady Gaga (how she walks in those McQueen ...
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Sherlock Holmes, Unlikely Style Icon

The Atlantic-Oct. 28, 2014
The exhibition provides a retrospective of Sherlockian style, investigating how it has evolved while retaining its instantly recognizable Victorian fashion DNA.

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The Style Divider: 'Style icons' incite a battle of the sexes

Telegraph.co.uk-Mar. 19, 2014
She's the perfect muse to a plethora of designers and a fashion icon to a generation of women who appreciate that focusing on a career and dreaming about ...

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Victoria Beckham: Her transformation from Spice Girl to ...

The Straits Times-Oct. 28, 2014
As she stands tall in stilettos among fashion's elite icons, it is sometimes hard to recall that Victoria Beckham was once a pouty pop singer with a penchant for ...

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