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The Most Popular Jewelry Styles of 2016 29, 2016
... we think it's about time to take a look back at some of our fashion faves from ... How cool do the crushed-up pearls look embedded in this bracelet? ... 2016 was all about retro trends — and these jewels are a nod to Victorian-era elegance.
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The story behind Lena Dunham's Hillary Clinton cheerleader ... 23, 2016
Kurata's biggest task so far has been creating a 'pearly king and queen' suit for Lena ... Kurata believes that particularly in the age of Instagram, fashion can be a ...

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10 Best India Inspired Collections of The Last Decade

VERVE-Aug. 29, 2016
Below we've rounded up the ten best India inspired fashion collections of the last ... From Victorian and Elizabethan silhouettes to the ornamentation of Indian .... of creative excesses – tweed jackets dripping with pearls, dresses worn over ...
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Alessandra Ambrosio parades her long legs in super short ...

Daily Mail-Dec. 4, 2016
She ruled the catwalk at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Paris on ... The Victoria's Secret Angel traded in her wings for a modern Victorian style Self Portrait ...

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