Saturday, January 11, 2020

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The Curious Victorian Tradition of Making Art from Human Hair

Artsy-Feb. 13, 2018
The Curious Victorian Tradition of Making Art from Human Hair ... “This encouraged a fashion for mourning in popular culture on both sides of the Atlantic ... features three curls arranged like a fleur-de-lis with accents of gold wire and pearls.

This Week in Royal Fashion: US State Visit Edition

Royal Central-Jun. 9, 2019
This Week in Royal Fashion: U.S. State Visit Edition ... a matching hat by Philip Treacy, along with her favourite pearl choker and white accessories. ... a new white gown by Alexander McQueen, along with her new Royal Victorian Order sash.

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Meghan Markle and Chiara Ferragni Inspired Fall 2019's ...

Fashionista (blog)-Oct. 9, 2018
Bridal takes a cue from ready-to-wear this season with convertible pieces and ... elegant pearls, intricate (and at-times hand-embroidered) lace and lifelike 3D florals. ... Lacework runs the gamut — and centuries — for Fall 2019, from Victorian ...
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The Town & Country Jewelry Awards 17, 2019
An ardent patron of the Costume Institute at the Met, and the founder of the curated retail ... Mizuki White Gold Akoya Pearl, and Diamond earrings ($27,700), and Black ... In her personal life the former editor collects everything from Victorian ...

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