Wednesday, January 8, 2020

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Sustainability Is Linked To Privilege - Teasing Out The Truths ...

Forbes-May 20, 2019
Whilst the summit is a barometer of how far the fashion industry has come in the past year, including the annual update on the state of brands' commitment to ...
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Spinning spoiled milk into an environmental revolution 17, 2019
PRATO, Italy — An Italian fashion designer is spinning the country's spoiled milk into ... According to the United Nations, the fashion industry is responsible for ...
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There's a New Stock Market Darling in the World of Fast Fashion

The Business of Fashion-Sep. 5, 2019
MANCHESTER, United Kingdom — British online fashion retailer Boohoo Group Plc is leaving rival Asos Plc in the dust, consolidating its position as the ...
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Boohoo's recycled clothes 'will not solve fast fashion waste'

BBC News-Jun. 19, 2019
She is commenting on the fast fashion retailer's first recycled clothing range - made ... issued a critical report on the fast fashion industry that mentioned Boohoo.

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