Saturday, January 11, 2020

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Step Into the Colorful World of Marta Rios, the Spaniard Hand ... 7, 2019
... quirky line of clothing and accessories she creates under the name Atelier Mimii, .... hand-dyed velvet with Victorian sleeves and collars; quilted, pearl-covered ...
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Pink opens bespoke shirting workshop in South London

Wallpaper*-Sep. 13, 2019
... South London, lined neatly with rows of early Victorian terraced houses and trees, ... 'People think it's simply something to wear under a jacket, or buy in blue and white. ... 'He wanted the highest quality Australian mother of pearl buttons, but ...
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The Unexpected Corset Costumes We're Loving for Halloween

Who What Wear-Sep. 11, 2019
While the idea of wearing lingerie for Halloween is nothing new, to wear ... To channel the look of Dolores, start with a Victorian-style lace-up corset and layer it ...
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Stüssy Readies Opening of Hong Kong Chapter Store With ...

HYPEBEAST-Nov. 5, 2019
After redesigning its Seoul location, Stüssy is now readying to add to its worldwide Chapter network with a retail expression in Hong Kong. Preparing to set up ...

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