Wednesday, January 8, 2020

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Spider silk and stem-cell leather are the future of fashion

Engadget-Oct. 4, 2017
The fashion industry uses obscene amounts of water and fills dumps and oceans with materials that linger for generations. "You have to understand the impact ...
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Who gets paid most at New York Fashion Week

CNBC-Feb. 9, 2017
With five percent of the city's workforce employed in the fashion industry, generating $11 billion in wages – and an average annual salary of $73,000 – just who ...
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37 models wrote a letter to the fashion industry begging for ...

Business Insider-Feb. 2, 2017
The INSIDER Summary: • The fashion industry is notorious for hiring underweight women and often editing the photos to make them appear even smaller.
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How Sara Ziff and More Than 40 Other Models Are Leading ... 1, 2017
“Concerns about the fashion industry's promotion of extreme thinness are nothing new, but a recent research study published in the International Journal of ...

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