Saturday, January 11, 2020

Story image for Victorian Fashion, pearl from The Boston Globe

Skip the T-shirt shops, already: Thrift(y) shopping on the Cape

The Boston Globe-Jul. 23, 2019
She's been selling vintage clothing at Plush & Plunder, her Hyannis shop, for 38 years, so she has some perspective. Resale shopping “is really growing now,” ...
Story image for Victorian Fashion, pearl from Hong Kong Tatler

Top Fashion Buyers Share Their Picks From New York ...

Hong Kong Tatler-Oct. 8, 2019
We spoke to some of the fashion industry's most influential buyers to find out which ... hand in hand together—the fantastical feminine in an old Victorian theatre.
Story image for Victorian Fashion, pearl from Refinery29

Inside The Beautiful Home Of The Fashion Crowd's Favourite ...

Refinery29-Aug. 7, 2019
If you've noticed a spike in jewellery shaped like the female form over the past few years, you have Parisian designer Anissa Kermiche to thank. Her second ...
Story image for Victorian Fashion, pearl from Wonderwall

1999 People's Choice Awards: Fashion flashback

Wonderwall-Nov. 5, 2019
Keep reading for more flashback fashion moments from the 1999 People's Choice Awards. ... Former "Access Hollywood" host Nancy O'Dell looked like a Victorian ... "Frasier" star Jane Leeves looked like a shiny pearl in this gorgeous beaded ...

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