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Shimmer in the sun

Deccan Chronicle-Apr. 20, 2019
In the resort wear segment, the big colours this season are yellow, teal, lilac, ... “The vintage details, voluminous sleeves, big cuffs and collars, dainty pearl and ... this section by reinventing Victorian fashion in cool shades of white and pastels.
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Edna O'Brien Is Still Writing About Women on the Run

The New Yorker-Oct. 7, 2019
(O'Brien once dedicated a book to her friend Thea Porter, the fashion .... that you have, until in the end it glistens with the exquisite glow of a freshly dredged pearl. .... She hid her money, “in Victorian language, throughout my person,” she said.

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'True liberal': Turnbull pays tribute to Kelly O'Dwyer as Liberals ...

The Guardian-Jan. 19, 2019
... or City of Port Phillip councillor Marcus Pearl – contesting the preselection, ... In a crisis meeting following the brutal Victorian election, O'Dwyer reportedly said ...
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19 Living Room Wallpaper Ideas That Stand the Test of Time 11, 2019
The beautiful mural wallpaper sticks to the traditional style of the Victorian ... everything together in English fashion designer and style icon Pearl Lowe's home.

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