Saturday, January 11, 2020

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Prince Harry Helped Meghan Markle Choose Her Wedding ... 26, 2018
Although grooms aren't supposed to see their brides in their wedding dresses ahead of the wedding, according to superstition, Prince Harry still had some say in ...
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Moira's 20 Best Looks on Schitt's Creek

Paste Magazine-Apr. 12, 2018
The oversized pearl-drop earrings fill the space between the planet that is Moira's wig and the launch ... (If Beetlejuice were high fashion, of course.) ... Moira is channeling her inner Victorian-era lady with this bib dress: lace sleeves and body, ...
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Cora Pearl review: Buzzy Kitty Fisher's sister restaurant is just ...

Evening Standard-Aug. 29, 2018
And the Kitty Fisher's gang, now with chef George Barson in the kitchen, have opened Cora Pearl — named after a Victorian courtesan this time — in Covent ...
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The Surprising History Of Old-Timey Swahili Postcards

NPR-Jun. 10, 2018
The photos are mostly of women, decked in elaborate clothing and jewelry, ... into other lives and identities — masquerading as a Victorian lady, a movie star, ...

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The meaning of the above couplet indicates that people will still die, as if they may belong to this. This defines the line: "all men," "now live", "want it or not" and another - "will die" as a conclusion. You can imagine a bunch of these lines: all men are thinking, sentient beings, etc. ("willing or not") have one, amongst other, property, or characteristic, that they are biological beings. This symptom belongs to the following concept - "all men live." And if so, under the axiomatic basis that biological creatures possess such characteristics as mortality, respectively, and "all people die".

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