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Old Town Is One of the Area's Most Interesting Fashion Hubs ... 8, 2017
... the Colonial-meets-Victorian city on the Potomac has been earning cred for its ... Some of Washington's coolest shops for women's fashion make their home ... vibe for classic-chic dresses, costume jewelry (lots of pearls), and sportswear by ...
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Best Antique and Vintage Jewelry Stores in Boston 15, 2017
Victorian cuff links, midcentury stud earrings, and contemporary rhinestone ... The decades-old costume jewelry comes in just about every color, style, and ... Must-Buy: Antique 14-karat-yellow-gold bracelet with amethyst and pearls, $2,250.
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Why Elizabeth I wore pearls, and more: attend a talk that ...

The National-Nov. 20, 2017
The Victorian era gave us the concept of funeral or mourning jewellery, while ... By the 1920s, however, fashion doyenne Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel promoted the ...

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