Saturday, January 11, 2020

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Mother of Pearl 8, 2019
“The clothing should just be their best skin, not a veil to conceal them. ... for loose, mannish, and Victorian pieces that don't overwhelm the person inside.
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Simone Rocha's fantastical feminine fashion at London ...

Evening Standard-Sep. 16, 2019
Simone Rocha's fantastical feminine fashion at London Fashion Week .... seats on the balcony of the recently restored Victorian theatre, which reopened last ... white shirting along with pearl encrusted brocade trousers and doily-lace skirts.
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It's Official: Rihanna Is Launching a Fashion Line

The Kit (blog)-May 10, 2019
Rihanna, epic dresser, is launching her own luxury fashion line in partnership ... vintage Chanel pearl sunglasses, a multi-strand pearl choker and, in the way that ... Caroline Scheufele wearing a powder blue Victorian-inspired dress by Adam ...
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Sailor kills two people and himself in shooting at Pearl Harbor ...

Yahoo News Australia-Dec. 4, 2019
Sailor kills two people and himself in shooting at Pearl Harbor naval base ... The shipyard is across the harbour from the Pearl Harbor National Memorial, which on Saturday will mark the 78th .... Victorian police and Premier Daniel Andrews have slammed protests scheduled for Friday .... 2019's most risqué fashion trends.

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