Saturday, January 11, 2020

Story image for Victorian Fashion, pearl from Forbes

Lovers' Eyes: Jewelry's Sexiest Sub-Genre, Luxuriously ...

Forbes-Mar. 8, 2019
(These were often variously embellished with pearls, diamonds or colored stones. ... wear and see psychic reminders of their inner vision, third eye and intuition.
Story image for Victorian Fashion, pearl from Toronto Sun
Toronto Sun

This Week in Royal Fashion: Lady Gabriella's wedding, Kate ...

Royal Central-May 23, 2019
We were treated to a blockbuster fashion week with a royal wedding, the ... on Sunday and chose the pearl cluster earrings by Cassandra Goad that she wore to ... a Victorian-style floral maxi dress, but the Duchess pulled this one off perfectly.
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'So much performance art I've explored was into ugliness. I'm ...

Irish Times-Nov. 6, 2019
A conversation with Emily Aoibheann about her latest work, Mother of Pearl, is a .... We are trapped in a paradigm of Victorian technology and are still thinking of ...
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4 Times Fashion Was Inspired By Art And We Sat Up And ...

VERVE-Aug. 7, 2018
From Gucci to Christian Louboutin, in the last 2 decades, major fashion houses have ... mismatched pieces trimmed with sequins, ribbons, pearls and brocade. ... Ditto for Jean-Marc Nattier's Marquise D'Antin which depicts a Victorian dame in ...

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