Wednesday, January 8, 2020

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London Fashion Week: Could social media save the fashion ...

Retail Gazette (blog)-Feb. 17, 2017
London Fashion Week is in full swing as the world's movers and shakers in the fashion industry descend on the capital for a week of catwalks and cocktails.
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Why the fashion industry keeps failing to fix labour exploitation

The Conversation AU-Nov. 19, 2017
Worker exploitation is rampant in the global fashion industry, according to countless investigations, studies and reports. So why haven't fashion brands cleaned ...
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Gucci Is Going Fur-Free 11, 2017
Considering its impact on not only the Kering group but the luxury fashion industry in general, this is probably just the first of many more brands to finally go ...
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Making Sense of the Anti-Fur Protests at London Fashion Week

The Business of Fashion-Sep. 19, 2017
The protests to some extent reopened the debate on whether fur has a place within the fashion industry — especially when retail giants including Yoox ...

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