Saturday, January 11, 2020

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Kenneth Jay Lane, costume jewellery designer – obituary 21, 2017
Lane designed the triple-strand pearl choker worn by Barbara Bush to her ... into a must-have 1960s fashion accessory, while in the 1970s a Victorian snake ...
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Rubies for Blood, Emeralds for Truth: The Hidden Meanings ... 4, 2017
In Eastern narratives, dragons were often depicted with flaming, wish-granting pearls under their chins or in their claws. In early written accounts, people ...
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10 Things to Know About Riccardo Tisci's Reign at Givenchy

New York Times-Feb. 2, 2017
Over his 12 years there, Tisci designed Givenchy's women's wear, couture ... he sent models down the runway with feathers, pearls and gems (above) affixed to ...
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Why Coco Chanel Created the Little Black Dress

Smithsonian-Sep. 29, 2017
In an era when dresses were a much more common daily item of clothing and they ... In the Victorian and Edwardian periods that preceded the '20s, simple black ... by her signature accessories–a rope of large fake pearls, a fabric camellia or a ...

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