Saturday, January 11, 2020

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Kate Middleton Will Wear a Tiara at Upcoming Event ... 7, 2019
The tiara features pearls hanging from diamond pretzel-shaped knots and was ... sash bestowed upon her by Queen Elizabeth for the Royal Victorian Order.
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This Supreme cherub figurine is Spring 2019's hottest accessory

Document Journal-Feb. 21, 2019
Continuing with the established motif of Victorian/Romantic art apparent throughout Spring 2019, this figurine features Cupid in a box logo tee, spearing a heart ...
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Steampunk Artist Depicts Victorian Elegance With 21st ...

The Vintage News (press release) (blog)-Mar. 23, 2019
Steampunk Artist Depicts Victorian Elegance With 21st Century Twist ... Steampunk is escapism, it is also a style mixing Victorian fashion with a 21st-century ...
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Ingie Paris RTW Spring 2020

WWD-Sep. 27, 2019
A black leather skirt embroidered with tiny pearls to form rows of flowers was ... leather strapping on a pair of black pants paired with a Victorian-style blouse ...

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