Saturday, January 11, 2020

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Kate Middleton steps out in £4k earrings and historic royal ... 6, 2019
She wore a pair or large pearl earrings, which she first work to Prince Louis' ... The Duchess also wore the Dame Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order sash for ... a fancy to Kate after she wore a see-through dress during a fashion show.
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Queen Elizabeth Does Her Own Makeup, Just Like Meghan ... 2, 2019
... for giving the royal diamonds a little extra sparkle," via Daily Mail. Basically, Queen Elizabeth and her dresser can teach us all a thing or two about fashion.
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A Closer Look at the Costumes of CARNIVAL ROW

Nerdist-Aug. 30, 2019
Set in an alternate version of Victorian England–in a city called The Burgue, which is ... our Nerdist team–Dan Casey, Amy Vorpahl, Erika Ishii, and Aliza Pearl–created ... In this episode, they take us into the costume department to show us ...

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